The art of multitasking

“Thank you, but I cannot work those hours. I have to get my children off the school bus.” How many of you have run into a similar situation. The job offer was substantial, but the hours were impossible because of other life responsibilities. As a single mom to two young children, Cindy Nacca created Casey’s Cleaning Service out of necessity. However, she didn’t just want to provide for her family… she wanted a career that would allow her to be at every baseball game and school show. Being present in her children’s lives was equally important as providing for them. With Casey’s Cleaning Service, she created the work-life balance her family deserved. Now, after 30 years of growing her business to multiple counties in New Jersey, it is time to share the knowledge and wealth with others looking to do the same.

Like Baseball, Life Throws Curveballs

You have to be prepared for anything that life throws at you. Cindy learned this many years ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. At that time Cindy was still personally cleaning homes and without her health, the business could have easily gone under. An epiphany moment led Cindy to realize that by putting into place seamless systems, she could easily teach someone to run the business in her place. After years of refining these systems, the birth of Casey’s Cleaning Franchise came to life.

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