Meet The Founders and History of Casey's Cleaning Service

Cindy Nacca started Casey’s Discount Cleaning Service when she had small children, and a need to be available for them as they were going through the transitional years into elementary school. As a single mom, she was responsible for everything her household would need and yet, she still wanted to be a part of their lives as they grew up. This was an important balancing act that she did so well that 30 years later, she is serving 4 counties in New Jersey and the demand keeps growing.

In 2018 she decided it was time to franchise the business and bring the opportunity to more like-minded individuals who could follow her model, her guidance and receive much needed support as they start their own cleaning business. She is interested most in those individuals who are not looking to clean homes themselves, but who are ready to help local teams get to work to serve clients.

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Cindy Nacca


Back in the mid-eighties, Our Founder chose a business model that would allow her to work from home, be available during the afternoons for pick up and to be available for after school activities. She found many stay-at-home parents who wanted part-time work and a flexible, but regular schedule, too. It was a perfect match and proved to be the right model for Casey’s Discount Cleaning Service to thrive.

The professional services were exactly what her clients wanted; their home cleaned – while they were at work – by trusted, ethical and responsible cleaners.

It was a win-win and demand grew quickly by word of mouth and reputation to the attention of local property owners who rented shore and vacation homes as well as those with small businesses and offices that needed regular, expert cleaning.

Cindy Nacca