Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions and Answers

What are the startup costs and what do they include?

A.$45,000 to $66,000 with an initial franchise fee of $30,000. After your initial franchise fee is paid, the rest of the estimated costs include expenses to establish your Casey’s Discount Cleaning Service business with the necessary equipment and initial supplies. Costs include professional advisory fees from 3rd parties, insurance and 3-months of working capital.

How long does it take to open?

The time to open depends on you. We do not mandate you operate from a leased location, so as soon as you have completed all pre-opening steps and training you are ready to go! Once you become a Casey’s Discount Cleaning Service owner, you have our full support to get you up and running quickly. You should be able to open in about a month.

Do I have to be an Owner Operator?

A. Yes. But you do not have to be in the field, cleaning homes and client properties

Can I own more than one location or be a multi-unit operator?​

Yes! We believe that many Casey’s Discount Cleaning Service owners will own more than one territory. Your interest in creating a better customer experience with a reliable, trustworthy group of cleaning professionals is most important – hiring a great team is important to your success and growth of the business.

How many people does it take to run the business? ​

We recommend between 2 and 4 team members depending on how quickly you sign on clients. You can hire either part-time or full part-time staff as you grow to meet the demand and expand within your territory.

How much many can I make? What is the ROI?

While we can’t answer that question directly, we will be able to share with you our Financial Performance Representation, called an Item 19 in our Franchise Disclosure Document which highlights affiliate performance and history. This can be a useful tool to help you evaluate the ROI.