Benefits of ownership

Casey’s Cleaning Services offers franchise owners the benefits of business ownership such as a flexible schedule, the ability to start up the business from home until it is up and running, then moving into a small leased office space. Local, community-based office space will have parking for branded vehicles and easy access to staff who need to pick up service vehicles and fresh supplies. In addition, the overall investment is lower than many small businesses but has an opportunity to grow into a multi-crew service offering in your territory.

  • Quick Start-Up – typically open and operating in 1-month
  • Easy Scalability – add crews to meet demand in your territory
  • Proven software and management systems
  • Grow into an office space after launch period
  • Branded, professional service vehicles and uniforms
  • Low start-up expense – especially compared to other industry franchise brands
  • Little to no inventory
  • Offer local employees a flexible and rewarding work environment as W2 employees